Are Ring Doorbells Any Good

Are Ring Doorbells Any Good

A while ago I bought a Ring Doorbell for the house but is it really any good? There were two main reasons for buying the smart doorbell. The first reason which is the obvious one was to see who was at the door before we went to the door. (We get way to many sales people) The second reason was to ensure the car outside the front of our house was covered by a camera.

So how well does the Ring Doorbell work for the above?

Ring Doorbell as a doorbell

As a doorbell the Ring Doorbell is fantastic, you can check who is at your door via the app on your phone from anywhere in the world, you can also link it up to Amazon Alexa and your Amazon FireTV stick and see who is at your door on your TV. You can also speak to the person at the door via the phone app which is very useful for telling unwanted sales people to do one…. politely of course 🙂

Ring Doorbell for security monitoring

For me this is where the Ring Doorbell is above the rest of other smart doorbells. Ring Doorbells have built in motion detection with some fantastic features such as infrared night vision and motion sensitivity control. When the doorbell detects motion the camera will record for 20 seconds and store this data so it can be played back. You can also pay for 30 days of cloud storage for the footage that it records. The camera is very good quality and the wide angle lens on the camera ensures it covers a decent area.

Can somebody steal it?

If you follow the instructions and screw the mounting bracket into brick with the provided tools then its nice and secure. If it does get stolen you get lifetime theft protection through Ring so you will have a replacement before you know it.

Is it easy to setup

I’m not fantastic when it comes to DIY, but the Ring doorbell was so easy to install and configure. You get everything you need to install it apart from a drill. Yes you actually get the masonry drill bit in the box.

The only negative I have found

The only negative I have found is that if you don’t have a power supply to your doorbell then you have to rely on the internal battery. If, like me your using all the features including live view and motion detection then the battery lasts about a week. if you only use it as a doorbell then you can get a fair few months without recharging the battery. Its not a major issue as it only takes a few hours to charge and then its ready again.

So are they any good?

In my opinion you won’t find a better smart doorbell than a Ring Doorbell. Yes they might be a little bit more expensive than others but your paying for a really high quality product that just works with very little hassle.

You can check out the full range of Ring products over on Amazon by clicking here.

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