Foldable Phones Are Coming

Foldable Phones Are Coming

A new era in phone technology is nearly here and I have to admit I am slightly excited about it. Yes foldable phones will most likely be with us within the next year. We know this mainly because most of the major phone manufacturers have already submitted / registered patents for their own versions of the technology and there has been a number of articles on the web about “leaked” images of the new devices. But what does this mean for us.. the consumer?

Foldable Phones will fit in your pocket better

You have probably noticed that smartphones have gradually been getting thinner and taller over the past few years (no your jeans pockets aren’t getting smaller). The main reason for this is that we are consuming a-lot more visual media today such as photos and videos so the screen needs to fit those aspect ratios and try to give you the best viewing experience possible. With a foldable phone you will be able to unfold it to watch videos and consume media or possibly keep it folded for tasks such as sending a quick message or making a phone call.

We might not need a tablet and a phone any more

Im not sure about everyone else but I still use an 8inch tablet for watching videos and consuming media and then use my phone for other day to day tasks. Foldable phones might signal the end of the smaller tablet market as a foldable phone could potentially work for both uses. We can have the one device that will work as both a small tablet and a phone.

Will the first round of foldable phones be any good?

Its very clear that the major manufacturers such as Samsung, Motorola (Lenovo) and Apple have spent alot of time working and developing the technology. Like all technologies Im very certain that the foldable phone technology will evolve over time and improve with time. but there’s no reason why the first round of phones shouldn’t be decent devices. I really couldn’t see the likes of Samsung releasing a foldable phone that has a lower spec than the latest Galaxy S smartphone.

Will I be getting a foldable phone?

Of course! I am really excited to see how they work in the real world. I’m not sure which one I will go for, I guess we will just have to wait and see how things unfold… See what I did there 🙂

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