LOHAS LED Smart Light Bulbs

LOHAS LED Smart Light Bulbs

Smart light bulbs are fantastic, they allow you to control your lights via your phone, tablet or home assistant such as Google Assistant or Amazon Alexa. Until now the only problem was that you had to have a “bridge device” that would allow you to control the lights. This meant that getting started with smart lights was expensive.

But that’s all changed with various smart light bulbs hitting the market that don’t require a “bridge device” to connect them. Instead these bulbs just connect directly to your WIFI and just work. LOHAS LED smart light bulbs are some of the best on the market so I thought I would buy a pack of two to see what they are like.

The bulbs I bought were the LOHAS E14 WiFi LED RGB Candle Bulbs from Amazon you get 2 of the bulbs for £31.99 which really isn’t bad when you compare that with some of the other brands that are available.

The setup was very straight forward. You simply download an app to your phone and then follow the instructions on the app. I had the bulbs setup and running via the app within half an hour. Once they are connected to your wifi and you can control them via the app, you can then link them to your Amazon Alexa device or Google Assistant device. Once they are linked you can then control them with your voice.

Some LED bulbs aren’t as bright as you would expect but these light bulbs are nice and bright. If you buy the RGB bulbs you can set your bulbs to an amazing range of colours. Another great feature of the LOHAS LED smart bulbs is that they work with IFTTT which gives you even more flexibility with the control of your lights. For example I have ours setup to switch on when the sun sets.

If your wanting to make your home lighting smart without spending a small fortune then I would highly recommend the LOHAS LED smart bulb range which is available over on Amazon.

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