For a whie now you have been able to control your Xbox with Amazon Alexa. Now Microsoft have added the same functionality allowing you to control your Xbox with Google Assistant. Here is a quick guide on how to setup your Xbox One with Google Assistant.

  1. Power on your Xbox
  2. Sign into your Xbox
  3. Open the Google Home app on your IOS or Android device
  4. Tap Add
  5. Tap Setup Device
  6. Tap Have something already setup?
  7. Search for your Xbox
  8. Select your Xbox and sign in with the same Microsoft account that you use to sign in on your Xbox
  9. That should be your Xbox connected to Google Assistant.

Now that your Xbox is connected to Google Assistant, here are a few commands to get you started.

Hey Google, turn on Xbox

Hey Google, turn off Xbox

Hey Google, pause Xbox

Hey Google, launch (app name) on Xbox

Hey Google, play (game name) on Xbox

Hey Google, record that on Xbox

Hey Google, mute Xbox

There are more commands but thats a few get you started controlling your Xbox with your voice with Google Assistant.

Hope you found this useful!