How To Move Google Contacts to iPhone / iCloud

How To Guides Nov 19, 2019

This guide shows you how to move your contacts from your Android device to your Apple device such as an iPhone using Google Contacts and iCloud. The following steps should be completed on a laptop or computer as this makes things a lot easier. This guide assumes that you currently have your contacts on your android phone synced up to Google Contacts.

First of all we need to export your contacts from Google.

  1. Open in your browser.
  2. You will see a list of all your contacts
  3. Hover the mouse over the top contact and the contact image will change to a select or tick box
  4. Tick this box to select the first contact
  5. Just above the contact a menu will appear with a dropdown for selecting all contacts
  6. Click select all
  7. Now that all your contacts are selected you now need to click on the 3 dots on the same menu bar as the select all option
  8. Click on Export
  9. A new window will open
  10. Ensure all your contacts are selected
  11. Ensure you select export as vcard
  12. Click export
  13. A file will download called contacts.vcf this is the file we will use in the next part.

Now we can import your contacts into iCloud

  1. Open in your browser
  2. Click on contacts
  3. Click on the little settings cog in the bottom left corner of the page
  4. Click import vCard from the menu
  5. Select the contacts.vcf file that you downloaded from Google
  6. Click open
  7. Your contacts from Google will now import into iCloud
  8. You then just need to go into settings on your iPhone
  9. tap on your name at the top of settings
  10. Select iCloud
  11. Enable contacts
  12. Your contacts will start appearing on your iPhone

I hope you find this useful!


Jonathan Blench

I enjoy all things geeky and techie. Work in IT with a focus on Cloud and Data Centre.

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