How to Reset a WordPress Admin Password Using phpMyAdmin

The nightmare has happened, you have forgotten the admin or user password for your WordPress website and you can’t get in to the admin area of your website. There are a number of ways to fix this but the phpMyAdmin way is my preferred way of resetting your WordPress admin password. We are basically going to find the account in the MySQL database and then remove the old password and put a new password in to allow you to login.


  1. Login to phpMyAdmin
  2. Down the left side expand your WordPress database. (This will normally have wp in the title or even wordpress)
  3. When you expand it you will see a list of tables (These normally all start with wp)
  4. Scroll down the list and find the table called users. Click on that table name.
  5. Find your user account in the list
  6. Click edit on the same row of the account
  7. In the column user_pass you will notice a long line of characters. This is your forgotten password that has been encrypted.
  8. Delete that long line of characters and type in your new password in normal text
  9. In the function dropdown menu on the same row select MD5, this will hash your password and store it as a long line of characters.
  10. Now click go at the bottom of the page and try and login again to your website with your new password.

Hope this was helpful.

If your not comfortable doing this, please contact me and I will try and help you out.