How To Use Your Amazon Echo Show As a Bluetooth Speaker

How To Use Your Amazon Echo Show As A Bluetooth Speaker

The Amazon Echo Show is a great device to have around your home. Its a perfect way to ask Alexa for information and get a basic display of her answer. The speaker in the Amazon Echo Show range of products isn’t too bad either. There are some occasions where it is useful to be able to stream audio from your phone or tablet and have it play out through your Amazon Echo Show. Here is a quick guide on how to connect your phone to your Amazon Echo Show and use your Amazon Echo Show as a Bluetooth speaker.

  1. Open your Bluetooth Settings on your mobile phone.
  2. Ask Alexa to connect to Bluetooth.
  3. When you do this Alexa will probably respond saying there are no Bluetooth devices available.
  4. Check on your phone and you will see a new device appear called Echo Show and then a number after it.
  5. Tap on the new Echo Show Bluetooth device and connect to it from your phone.
  6. Once connected play your music from your phone and it will play through your Amazon Echo Show.

Hope you find this useful.