Increase Nintendo Switch Storage

How To Guides Jan 28, 2020

The Nintendo Switch is one of the most popular handheld, portable gaming devices on the market and with an ever increasing number of games being published for the Nintendo Switch and Nintendo Switch Lite there is plenty of choice of games to play.

But of your like me and you like a good variety of games on your Nintendo Switch or Nintendo Switch Lite you are probably wanting to increase the amount of storage you have on your Nintendo Switch device so you can keep growing your collection without having to install and uninstall games when you want a new game.

The good news is both the Nintendo Switch and the Nintendo Switch lite have a Micro SD Card slot allowing you to increase the Nintendo Switch storage.

Choosing the right Micro SD Card is really important as you need a high speed Micro SD card. Slower Micro SD Cards could affect the performance of your games.

The Micro SD card that I reccomend and that I also use without any issues to increase my Nintendo Switch storage is the SanDisk Ultra 128GB Class 10 MicroSD card. This MicroSD card gives you plenty of additional storage and also has data speeds of upto 100mbps which is perfect for playing games on the Nintendo Switch and Nintendo Switch Lite.

You can buy this MicroSD card over on Amazon for less than £15


Jonathan Blench

I enjoy all things geeky and techie. Work in IT with a focus on Cloud and Data Centre.

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