Magnet - Possibly The Most Useful Mac App I Have Found

Reviews Oct 25, 2020

This year I made the switch from using Windows as my daily laptop to a MacBook Pro. I knew switching over to a MacBook would be a challenge and while I didn't want to replicate my Windows experience on the MacBook there was one feature that i realised i was really missing.

When I am working on websites and website development I tend to have multiple windows open on one desktop and while I really like the multiple desktop feature that is built into MacOS it is still a hassle to keep switching between the desktops to grab bits of information.

In windows I really liked the window snap feature where I could snap one window to one half of the desktop and another window to the other half of the screen. I used this feature an awful lot in Windows.

Thats when the search began and I discovered Magnet in the Mac App Store. It brings all the functionality of the snap feature to MacOS and also has some extra features. Magnet really has been a life saver in my switch over from Windows to MacOS.

Magnet isn't a free app but only costs £2.99 which at that price it really is worth the money.

You can buy Magnet in the Mac App Store. Click Here To View In Mac App Store


Jonathan Blench

I enjoy all things geeky and techie. Work in IT with a focus on Cloud and Data Centre.

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