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Funny Things To Ask Alexa

So you have an Amazon Echo device, did you know your virtual assistant has a sense of humour? Here are some funny things you can ask…


Control Your Xbox With Google Assistant

Follow this simple guide to control your Xbox with Google Assistant. Control Your Xbox with your voice using Google Assistant.…

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Philips Hue Play Light Bar Review

Philips Hue Play Light Bars provide light in entertainment areas of your home. Here is my review of the Philips Hue Light Bars.…

Smart Home

Set Alexa To Announce When Someone Presses Your Ring Doorbell

Setup your Amazon Echo devices to tell you when someone presses your ring doorbell.…

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Philips Hue Review - THE Smart Lighting Solution

A quick review of Philips Hue smart lighting for your home. What sets Philips Hue apart from the rest of the bunch.…

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Use NFC To Control Your Home

With iOS13 you can now use NFC to run shortcuts. This guide shows you how to control lights with NFC Tags.…