Before I start going into why you should be using a VPN when you go online. I thought it might be useful to explain how a VPN works. If your not interested in how a VPN works then you can skip this section and continue reading the rest of the post.

What is a VPN

VPN stands for Virtual Private Network and it does exactly what it says. It creates a secure private network between your device you a connecting from to a server that you are connecting to using encryption to encrypt the data you send When your connected to a VPN the data that you send and the data that is sent back via the server is encrypted. It also means that the IP any trackers use is the IP of the server and not the IP of your broadband.

In simple terms a VPN provides you with a more secure online experience and increases your privacy when your online.

Why use a VPN

There are loads of reasons why you should be using a VPN, here are just a few reasons why its a good idea to use a VPN on your devices.

Public Wifi in Public Places

If your in a coffee shop or at the airport and your connected to the public WiFi, there is an increased risk of your data being grabbed. If you use a VPN when your connected to public WiFi then this encrypts your data before it is sent over the public WiFi giving you an additional level of protection.

Protect Yourself From Cyber Crime

With all the modern day cyber crime threats around, a VPN gives you an additional layer of protection with encryption, some VPN providers such as Nord VPN also protect you from potentially dangerous websites.

Protect Your Privacy

Your online privacy is a big deal, by using a VPN you are giving your privacy an extra layer of protection. When your using a VPN your traffic goes out over a different IP address which means its not as easy for websites and other providers to track where you are and who you are. It also means your ISP can no longer see what your up-to online as the traffic is encrypted so they can't log and share your browsing data. Nord VPN is based in Panama which has no data retention laws meaning they don't have to keep your browsing history logged or any other data about your online activities which is even better for privacy protection.

Which VPN is best?

When it comes to choosing a VPN, I strongly advise avoiding free VPN services. If an online service is free, it normally means you are the product so they are probably logging and selling data (they have to make money some how).

From my own experience one of the best paid for VPN services has to be Nord VPN. The features you get with Nord VPN are some of the best around and their network is very reliable.

You can get Nord VPN for £9.68 per month but the longer you buy up front the cheaper you get it. For example, if you buy 3 years upfront you can get it for as little as £2.82 per month.

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